Security Services

SOS Group partners with NSI gold accredited ARC to provide security services that support our security officers.

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Security Services

Security is critical to any corporate and residential environment. SOS Group has invested significantly in personnel and technology to ensure our Security Teams provide safe and secure conditions for your workforce and, where relevant, local residents. Our team acts as both eyes and ears for your business, creating a much safer workplace.

SOS Group security officers are highly visible, have access to the latest in patrol software and are supported by our partnership with an NSI Global/Gold accredited ARC.


SOS Group focuses on delivering integrated guarding security solutions. We ensure the right balance of expertise with On-site Guarding, Mobile Guarding, and Remote Guarding officers and the optimal integration of Electronic Security. 

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Manned guarding is a highly effective way of eliminating criminal damage, theft and anti-social behaviour. It is one of the most proactive security measures you can take against crime. It involves placing security guards at your premises, which could be out-of-hours or 24/7 security.

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Bespoke Security

We know each client has bespoke security requirements, and our security contracts reflect this. SOS Group are delighted to gain insight from you regarding the size of your site, your business location, and any associated risks. That is why we take the time to understand your problems and requirements before offering solutions to your specific needs.

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Safe & Secure

Uniform security personnel can decreases the risk of significant crime happening nearby. Our teams are experienced in providing a safe environment at industrial and business parks, public homes, offices, residential areas, and public spaces. Trained guards help enhance the security of businesses, assist customers, track and monitor suspicious individuals and activities, prevents loss and ensure a quick response protocol.

SOS Security Services | Manned guarding | Bespoke security solutions
SOS Security Services | Manned guarding | Bespoke security solutions

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