Residential Concierge Services

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Our residential concierge services offer the essential support you need. SOS Group covers the entire concierge services for your hospitality service, guaranteeing your guests and staff receive outstanding service.

A Wide Scope of Concierge Services

SOS Group offers a wide scope of concierge services and back-of-house administrations. We enhance and increase your residential setting experience for the benefit of your guests and staff. Our concierge staff are furnished with bespoke induction training to maintain your organisation’s quality and ethos.

We provide concierge services over various segments of residential administrations. An entire range of client administration and front of house services can be provided by SOS Group to fit your needs. Whatever your requirements, our concierges will guarantee your guests and staff will get outstanding client benefits.

5 Star Concierge Program

The SOS Group 5* Concierge Program ensures our team have the ability and skills required to support your requirements. Our recruitment process identifies the following qualities:

  • Passion to deliver amazing standards
  • Pleasant and friendly (a nice smile)
  • Positive and determined attitude
  • A love for people and conversation
  • Exceedingly well groomed and presented
  • Flexible and accommodating 
  • A desire to look after residents and a real understanding of superior customer service
  • An understanding of the environment – this is home to the residents

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