Manned Guarding

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Manned guarding is a highly effective way of eliminating criminal damage and theft. It is one of the most proactive security measures you can take against crime. Our security guards operate out of hours and 24/7, as required.

Trained to the Highest of Standards

SOS Group’s manned guarding security service offers much more than security presence. Our security guards are all trained to the highest of standards and can be fitted with the latest body cameras for audible and CCTV footage. This ensures you have the most professional security officer managing your property.

We have the latest in patrol software, offering certainty when monitoring situations. This system provides reports that can be used to offer certanty and analyse data. With it, our guards can receive instructions, be monitored with GPS, and take photos of the area if required.

Our manned guarding service include: 

  • Front-of-house access and exit control.
  • Out-of-hours reception duties.
  • Reporting building defects and hazardous areas.

SOS Group manned guarding decreases the opportunity for theft, anti-social behaviour and vandalism. It can also reduce insurance costs, and our security guards will raise the alarm if an attack or similar occurs. It is an excellent solution for your security strategy, ensuring your people and assets are protected without compromising your insurance coverage. Our goal is to prevent damage, disorder, theft and protect individuals against assault and injury.

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