Commercial Concierge Services

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Our commercial concierge services offer the essential support you need. SOS Group covers your business’s entire concierge service requirements, guaranteeing that your clients and teams receive consistently outstanding service. You can now focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Bespoke Service

SOS Group offers a wide scope of concierge services. We enhance and increase the value and experience of directly employed personnel and visitors. Our concierge team is recruited and provided with bespoke induction training to allow your organisation’s qualities and ethos to be maintained and built upon.

A Service to Fit Your Needs

The SOS Group 5* Concierge Program ensures our team have the ability and skills required to support your requirements. Our recruitment process identifies the following qualities:

  • Pleasant and friendly (a nice smile)
  • Positive and determined attitude
  • A love for people and conversation
  • Exceedingly well groomed and presented
  • Flexible and accommodating 
  • Passion to deliver amazing standards
  • A desire to look after visitors and onsite teams, and a real understanding of fantastic customer service

Our regular training, on-site coaching, mystery shopping programme, management support and expertise underpins the service offering. SOS Group ensures that our commercial concierge team delivers an impactful experience at the very frontline of your business.

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