Commercial Reception Services

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We use a collaborative approach to identify the best front-of-house professionals to meet your organisation’s values. Once the requirement is understood, SOS Group provides highly trained front-of-house personnel to deliver on your expectations. Our team welcomes visitors in a positive personal way, delivering exceptional customer service. They focus on effective communication, prioritising, problem-solving and the effective provision of professional emails and phone calls.

Guest services include:

  • Meet and greet
  • Call management/Switch
  • Guests and client support
  • Customer Service Ambassador
  • Managing meeting rooms and schedules
  • Parcels and mail

SOS Group has the right people to provide your clients with top service. They are impeccably dressed and presentable and display a professional attitude. Also, our team will adapt to your needs, ensuring everything goes as planned. Wherever they are needed, the SOS team will surpass expectations. They will become part of your team and contribute to your business and events as an integral part of them.

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